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Online Transactions

Set to technologically upgrade your business, Kerzz® Hotel Online Transactions utility will offer online services for your guests. For booking requests from customers, you will have the capability of defining quotas and prices online on your system, offering online payment function to your guests during booking, and hence seamlessly managing online booking requests. Online bookings through Kerzz® Hotel Online Transactions utility are automatically transferred to the system, and prepayment data will be reflected to the bill without any manual operation. The online check-in process as an unprecedented initiative implemented for the first time by Kerzz® Hotel will yield labor and time savings both for you and your guests, and reinforce your interaction with customers. Across a wide range of sub-functions under constant optimization, online transactions will deliver a contemporary facade to your business and offer various advantages.
On resulting numerical data returned by the query, you can apply addition, averaging operations as well as maximum and minimum operators. You can sort and filter the results by any data column. The Kerzz® Hotel Management screen further offers the capabilities of exporting in xls, pdf, html document formats or emailing such queried data.

Smart Hotel Smart Integration

Running in integration with Kerzz® Pos restaurant automation utility, Kerzz® Hotel will greatly optimize the management of restaurants, bars, clubs, and other similar...

Cash Management

Kerzz® Hotel allows you to make cash definitions per user, financially monitor your business including cash advances, get a detailed view of all movements in income...

Door Lock

At the time of a guest check-in, the system automatically activates the door lock integration without the need to a third software, and allows you to define the...

Mobile Applications

Developed in reliance to superior functionalities brought by the global technology, Kerzz® Boss allows you to access your business data from anywhere. The Kerzz® Boss application is equipped with management panels enabling you to have instant access to a plenitude of useful information on reservations, occupancy rates, department proceeds, etc. On these panels, you can monitor your business very efficiently through your smart phones running in integration with prominent IOS and Android technologies.

Accounting Integration

Thanks to the Kerzz® Hotel Accounting integration, your income accruals and invoices can conveniently be integrated into your current accounting software.

Identity Scan

Thanks to this utility that allows to automatically transfer the identity details of your guest to the guest card, you can eliminate the time lost in recording the identity details.

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Restaurant, Meeting and Event Reservations

Thanks to this utility developed for all locations to be covered by the reservation system including restaurants and meeting rooms in your business, you can monitor and report guest bookings. In addition, you can log booking records for your pre-scheduled events, set quotas, automatically reflect charges to the guest account for paid events, and send sms notice to guests involved in the action. Thanks to this utility, you can avoid complexity in bookings and events.

Tracking Customer Satisfaction and Complaints

Thanks to this application enabling you to log the praises, critics, suggestions and complaints from your guests, you can apply an online satisfaction survey, and evaluate and report it on the system. You can also keep the logs of complaints from your guests in the system for further optimization of your service quality.

7/24 Support

As a crucial asset in the rapidly changing and evolving conditions worldwide and countrywide, after-sales support services lend major values of prestige to the company. Therefore, customer satisfaction is also of crucial sense for our company. Based on verbal and written interviews with customers, the first step destined to customer satisfaction is to precisely understand and properly direct the demands of customers. Our mission; Arousing customer recognition that we host professionals capable of solving the problem at the first contact point is the key merit.

We are aware of the fact that, offering the best solution to customers and how this solution is perceived represents an indicator of how well we perform. The pace of offering the proper and specific solution is an effective parameter in customer satisfaction. From the angle of service speed, we act along a feedback-oriented approach. We believe that we have enhanced customer satisfaction that we could originally secure through this orientation.

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