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Kerzz® Hotel allows you to produce custom reports. You can compile custom reports. You can retrieve detailed data through filtering or sorting for such reports. You can customize such query or filter and save it as a template, and use saved queries as a reference in subsequent queries to instantly retrieve the intended data. On resulting numerical data returned by the query, you can apply addition, averaging operations as well as maximum and minimum operators. You can sort and filter the results by any data column. You can further export your reports, save them as html, pdf and xml format, or email them. You can also save them as scheduled reports and get any report at any scheduled time by email. You can get from the system a ready list of guests for use in the identity reporting system. In case of an incomplete data on the list, the system will send an alarm for correction. Depending on the daily closing transactions, you can pick all reports from the system at one time.

Closing Transactions

Thanks to the functionality of handling night audit operations of your business with a single button, the system streamlines the daily closing process by helping to check guest data, number of guests, room-price consistency, pending operations for location, reservations without check-in and rooms not checked out.

Once the checks have properly been completed, the system can automatically issue the following reports:

• Department Proceeds Report

• Main Current Report

• Balance Report

• Paid Guests List

• Cash Balance Report

• Executive Summary

• Brief VAT Statement

The capability to perform night audit operations with a single button, streamlined checking process in the business and fast completion of all operations would yield great advantages.

7/24 Support

As a crucial asset in the rapidly changing and evolving conditions worldwide and countrywide, after-sales support services lend major values of prestige to the company. Therefore, customer satisfaction is also of crucial sense for our company. Based on verbal and written interviews with customers, the first step destined to customer satisfaction is to precisely understand and properly direct the demands of customers. Our mission; Arousing customer recognition that we host professionals capable of solving the problem at the first contact point is the key merit.

We are aware of the fact that, offering the best solution to customers and how this solution is perceived represents an indicator of how well we perform. The pace of offering the proper and specific solution is an effective parameter in customer satisfaction. From the angle of service speed, we act along a feedback-oriented approach. We believe that we have enhanced customer satisfaction that we could originally secure through this orientation.

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