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With Kerzz® Hotel Quick Reservation Wizard, you can handle booking requests efficiently through a user-friendly interface while optimizing occupancy and price agreements for faster acceptance of reservations.

Thanks to Kerzz® Hotel, you can create different reservation profiles suiting your specific customer portfolio, and implement separate pricing strategies by group \ company \ source for each. You can define discounts, special offers and packages for such pricing policies, and manage the contracts through a simplified platform. The system further enables to handle prepayment and deposit payment operations at the time of booking, and facilitates to the follow-up. To handle guest transfer to the hotel, the system tracks the details of shuttles organized (vehicle plate number, transfer time, particulars of guests to be transferred), and eliminates the complicated nature of the process. Once the transfer is complete, the transfer fee will automatically be reflected to the guest bill at the time of check-in. Booking process can be coordinated on the Room Plan. The Drag & Drop functionality allows more efficient and effective handling of room assignments. 

By optimizing time and minimizing the costs, Kerzz® Hotel will help you to instantly get the "Most proper answer" for any demand. Our key mission is excellence in every respect within a composition where innovation initiatives, changing market conditions as well as requests, suggestions and complaints from customers are consistently taken into account since the very first day. Driven by rapid transformations in every segment of the life accompanied by raising expectations and elevated demands, "Data Software" will naturally flourish at a comparable pace and keep up with the evolution around.

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As a crucial asset in the rapidly changing and evolving conditions worldwide and countrywide, after-sales support services lend major values of prestige to the company. Therefore, customer satisfaction is also of crucial sense for our company. Based on verbal and written interviews with customers, the first step destined to customer satisfaction is to precisely understand and properly direct the demands of customers. Our mission; Arousing customer recognition that we host professionals capable of solving the problem at the first contact point is the key merit.

We are aware of the fact that, offering the best solution to customers and how this solution is perceived represents an indicator of how well we perform. The pace of offering the proper and specific solution is an effective parameter in customer satisfaction. From the angle of service speed, we act along a feedback-oriented approach. We believe that we have enhanced customer satisfaction that we could originally secure through this orientation.

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